Africa Won’t Accept Homosexuality – Catholic Bishops

Catholic Bishops from across Africa have sent the strongest signal to the West that the continent will not accept any form of dictatorship on the issue of homosexuality.

Speaking at a press conference ahead of Tuesday’s 2nd plenary assembly of the group, President of the Regional Episcopal conference of West Africa, Cardinal Theodore Sarr said Africans must be alert to prevent any negative indoctrination from the West to accept same sex marriage.

“Beware…we are living in a world where the western world, especially the Americans behave like people who have to think for the rest of the world, they have to decide for the rest of the world but we say that no, you can’t decide for the rest of the world.

“We also have our culture, traditions and so we need to avoid the several limitations of the western world, we need to do things based in our traditions, our practices and customs, we cannot condemn people who are homosexuals…but it is not because you accept it that everybody must also,” Cardinal Sarr said.

Over 16 catholic bishops from across West Africa are gathering in Accra from today to take part in the second plenary assembly of the Regional Episcopal conference of West Africa.

The conference will discuss issues concerning the church in relation to reconciliation, development and family life.

President Mahama is expected to officially open the ceremony on Tuesday February 23, which will have at least 150 participants including archbishops, bishops and other church leaders.

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