Anti-Corruption Institutions Have lost Integrity – Rawlings

Former President John Rawlings has stated that the various anti-corruption institutions in developing countries have lost their integrity.
According to him, the situation has been occasioned by the global economic impact.

Mr. Rawlings is therefore urging politicians on the continent to exhibit some sense of integrity since that is the only way to save their economies from a total moral breakdown.

“We can demonstrate to our people that we are providing a leadership of integrity, our people will make the necessary adjustments and put up with the pain.

“The integrity of our political leaders is what we need most on this continent. Some of our institutions that should be exacting integrity out of us have gone weak with time,” Mr. Rawlings stated when the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago Dr. Rowley called on him at his office in Accra.

Sharing the views of Mr. Rawlings, Dr. Rowley said one of the failings of developing countries is their tendency to allow individuals to prevail over institutions, adding there is a terrible price to pay for it.

“If we subscribe to the rule and supremacy of institutions we stand a much better chance”.

Touching on corruption on the African continent, the former military leader said the emergence and the integrity of Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari will have a positive ripple effect on the region and called on Trinidad and Tobago to explore collaboration with Nigeria as well.

Credit : Starr Fm

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