All 33 NPP Parliamentary Aspirants Approved In The Upper East Region

Lawyer Namoo – Chairman, NPP UER

The Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Upper East Region, Lawyer Anthony Namoo, has announced that all 33 aspirants vying for the parliamentary candidate position in their respective orphan constituencies have been given the green light to contest in the upcoming elections slated for December 2, 2023.

He emphasized that the confirmation of the 33 aspirants indicates that anyone who emerges as the winner stands a chance of securing the parliamentary seat for the party in the 2024 elections.

Lawyer Anthony Namoo, speaking on A1 Radio’s ‘Daybreak Upper East’ Show, underlined the democratic principles of the party, affirming that each qualified aspirant has the right to participate in the internal party processes.

Lawyer Namoo also urged the contestants to be mindful of their comments and actions during the campaign period.

“Words matter, and the tone set during these campaigns will have a lasting impact on the party’s image and the perception of our potential constituents. So, I will caution that they should conduct themselves with decorum, focusing on issues and constructive dialogue rather than engaging in divisive rhetoric” he said.

He further stated that the party leadership will be closely monitoring the activities to ensure a fair and transparent process that reflects the values of the party as the aspirants embark on their campaigns.

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