Ras Zacharri – Jamaican Reggae Sensation Making Waves Across Africa [Bio]

Ras Zacharri is a vibrant force within contemporary reggae, hailing from the lush parish of St. Andrews in Jamaica. His journey began in 2006 with the debut release of “When Jah Wrath,” marking the inception of his musical odyssey.

Following this auspicious beginning, Ras Zacharri’s creative prowess flourished, and he continued to make his mark in the reggae landscape. A significant milestone was reached with the launch of “River Jordan,” a collaboration with the renowned Luciano. His influence extended beyond his own artistry, as he contributed to various successful productions. The Shem-Ha-Boreh record label’s imprint became a bastion of his musical vision. Here, his debut album “Herbsman” (2009) was born, featuring the distinctive voices of Natty King and Gregory Isaacs. The album’s reception in Europe was resounding, cementing his identity as a true herbalist of sound. The subsequent release, “New Horizon” (2011), featuring the talents of Earl Sixteen, further solidified his artistic journey.

A pivotal collaboration with San Francisco’s dubstep producer known as the Roommate gave rise to Ras Zacharri’s third album, “Rootstep.” A remarkable fusion of potent vocals and digital Dubstep riddims, this album showcased collaborations with Chezidek and Junior Kelly. Released under the King Dubbist record label, “Rootstep” exemplified Ras Zacharri’s dynamic range.

Ras Zacharri’s vibrant presence radiated across Europe’s stages, gracing festivals and shows spanned the continent. From the Reggae Sun Seine (FR) to the Sommand Festival (FR) and from Ostrodo (PL) to Reggae Na Piaskach (PL), his performances resonated with diverse audiences. Waterproof Festival (FR), Festa Del Sole (IT), and various bookings in countries like France, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Amsterdam, Italy, Spain, and Portugal bore witness to his magnetic performances. In addition to his European triumphs, Ras Zacharri’s music resonated deeply in pockets of Africa, fostering a devoted fan base.

As both a recording artist and a captivating performer, Ras Zacharri’s journey of musical evolution persists. In September 2017, he unveiled his studio opus, “Love Over Hate,” showcasing a higher echelon of his musical aptitude. The album attested to his unwavering commitment to uplifting and conscious musical expressions. With an unwavering dedication to his craft, Ras Zacharri remains the “Herbsman,” cultivating melodies that reverberate with positivity and wisdom—the future promises even greater sonic revelations from this luminary of reggae.




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