Asokore Mampong Affordable Houses Not Affordable Any More-Engineer

The Resident Engineer of at Asokore-Mampong Government Affordable Housing Project, Richard Adjei has revealed that the houses upon completion may not be affordable as government propagandists are making it look like.

Modula Grup is currently set to begin work on the project which was abandoned and squatters took advantage of the situation and occupied the uncompleted structures until government last year decided to hand it over to Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) for completion.

But Richard Adjei who would be superintending over work and the site, disclosed that the houses upon completion may not be affordable as some people are making it look like.

“It won’t be affordable as we are saying because things are high. Only the name affordable will be on the project but it is not affordable”, he disclosed

Meanwhile Military personnel from the 48-Regiment in Accra are in Kumasi to clear squatters currently living in the uncompleted structures at the project site.

The move is expected to pave way for SSNIT to officially commence work on the government abandoned project.

The Ministry of Water Resources, Works and Housing handed over the Asokore-Mampong affordable housing project last year to SSNIT for completion.

Work on the project stalled for seven years after the then Kufour-led government exited power to ushering in the ruling NDC administration.

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