‘Consumers Should Pay ECG’-Yamin

The Former Deputy Ashanti regional Minister, Joseph Yamin has blamed Ghanaians especially consumers who owe the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) for the current energy crisis faced by the country.

He revealed that there many companies, ministries, individuals who owe ECG huge debts but have refused to pay for what they have consumed.

The West African Gas Pipeline Company (WAPCo) has indicated it will cut gas supply to the Volta River Authority (VRA) by tomorrow if the Volta River Authority (VRA) fails to pay debts owed.

But Mr. Yamin blamed the ECG for not heeding to the advice of the president John Dramani Mahama replace all post-paid meters with the new pre-paid at the various ministries to prevent future debts.

‘The ECG was asked by government to take off pre-paid meters from the ministries, how many meters have they taken from the ministries?’, he asked.

‘Are we paying the electricity company for what we consume? The issue is not about creating fear and panic, the ECG really wants to get their monies so consumers should pay them. If government agencies are not paying, will Ghanaians be in a position to pay ECG’.

He emphasised that ministries have budgets allotted for power, ‘if you take off their meters, they will definitely pay, because they won’t be able to work without power’.

‘I don’t think ministries would owe ECG any debts if meters were changed. They feel reluctant to pay bills because ECG haven’t been on their necks,’ Yamin said.

He said ECG is not being smart in the collection of its monies from its debtors, saying the agreements between WAPCo and ECG is not a cash and carry system where the latter has to pay before gas is supplied.

‘The money is not paid up front; ECG has the privilege of paying the money in instalments. You don’t sit down and wait for them to cut your power before you try to negotiate or make plans to avert the situation’.

‘There is a system failure which needs to be dealt by ECG; they have a mandate to ensure that Ghanaians pay them what they owe them. They should be bold in their decisions to take off power from people and companies who owe them’.

‘ECG will be out of work if Volta River Authority (VRA) decides not to supply them power. If this happens we will all be in trouble’, he indicated.

Dr. Amoako Baah, Political science lecturer, ask Ghanaians to hold government responsible for the debts brouhaha, he is the one who makes the final decision. “it’s a political suicide, humiliating and embarrassing if the power is cut off. Whatever you have to do to ensure that the country doesn’t suffer, work on it,’ he stated

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