Some Ghanaian Doctors Resume Work Amidst GMA Strike

Doctors-surgerySome public sector doctors in Ghana’s capital, Accra, have resumed work and are attending to patients in clear defiance of the ongoing strike by the Ghana Medical Association (GMA).

It is however unclear whether the decision of these doctors to return to work follows the order from the National Labour Commission (NLC) to the doctors to resume work while negotiations continue with government.

Checks at the Ridge Hospital showed that about 20 doctors were at post and the hospital was in full operation. Nurses and other medical staff were offering services to the very few patients who were at the hospital at the time of our check.

Very few patients had turned up to seek medical attention. This is because most patients were unaware of the resumption of duty.

At the Adabraka Polyclinic,  there were more medical staff including doctors than patients. The doctors were less busy while the few patients who had attended the polyclinic with the hope of receiving treatment were quite happy about meeting the doctors.

The Ghana Medical Association – the mother union of the doctors, has been on strike for over three weeks demanding improved and well-documented conditions of service which they say has not been available since the inception of the group.

Government has however pleaded with the doctors to resume work while negotiations are ongoing but the doctors have been adamant.

There have been several calls from civil society groups, church groups and Ghanaians in general, for the doctors to resume work but they are of the view that government has not shown commitment in heeding to the concerns.

After a series of meetings between the two bodies, the National Labour Commission has asked the doctors to return to work immediately, and resume negotiations with government but that directive is yet to be respected.

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