NPP Calls On Police To Arrest Perpetrators Of Sundays Clashes At Asokore

The Opposition New Patriotic Party in the New Juaben North Constituency of the eastern region has also called on the police to immediately arrest the perpetrators of last Sunday clashes which occurred at  Asokore .The ruling  NDC has already issued 48hour ultimatum to the Police to similarly arrest the perpetrators to avert REPRISAL attack .

The opposition NPP,addressing the media on Monday at Asokore,   narrated there side of the cause of the incident in contradiction to claims by the ruling NDC who blamed the NPP for attacking its supporters .

Mr.Asante Antwi ,the Constituency secretary narrated that ” in about 10 minutes after arriving at the community center, we saw the NDC led by a convoy of over 20 motorbikes,some metronmass buses and about 100 people also returning from Oyoko.The Police (about 10 of them) who accompanied us were with us at the forecourt of the Asokore community center where without any provocation ,upon the express instruction of their parliamentary candidate ,they started hurling stones at us.Our boys also attempted anything you can think off .As the stones were hurled,our boys also attempted to surge forward to overpower them,but they were restrained by the MP”.

He added ” the women among us and others ran for cover and the police couldn’t stand the stones attack.As people ran for shelter,thy were perused by the marauding thugs into peoples homes”.

The constituency Secretary  further narrated that “the hired thugs hurled stones unto roofing sheets and kiosk an homes where our people sought shelter”

According to the NPP about ten of their supporters sustained injuries and have since been treated and discharged.

The party is blaming the police for the escalation of the clashes “the conduct of the police on the day also calls for mention .Several calls by the MP to the police command when the violence broke out went unanswered  .The few who came appeared lethargic and helpless .Instead restarting the thugs from violence,they rather looked on as if they were hypnotized.Indeed we were held hostage for more than one and half hours before reinforcement were brought in”.

Supporters  of the NDC and NPP supporters on Sunday clashed leading to the over 10 casualties. At least four cars were smashed in the process.

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