Mr. Vegas Quits Reggae Dancehall; Devotes To Church


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Mr. Vegas
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Mr. Vegas has chosen his deity over the dancehall.

The 48-year-old reggae staple, known for songs like “Bruck It Down” and “Sucky Ducky,” announced that he’s leaving that colorful life behind and is devoting himself to Christianity.

In a letter to his staffers, the singer, whose song “Heads High” is one of the most recognized dancehall songs of recent years, said he’d no longer be involved in the reggae and dancehall scene and would instead be fully committed to God.
“Yes it is for real, I have decided to give me all to the Lord,” Mr. Vegas wrote in an email, which was obtained by BOSSIP. “I have made a promise to God that has been playing on my guilty conscience daily, so I decided that it was the time for me to keep my promise.”
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However, Mr. Vegas, who was born Clifford Smith, assured his music biz cohorts that he’d still go through with his commitments for his new album, “This Is Dancehall” which is set to drop next month, but wouldn’t be heavily involved in promotion.

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“I know it will be difficult without me, but I do believe that it will be a success if it was ordained to be,” Mr. Vegas explained. “I am very sorry if I come off as being selfish, but I sincerely think I am making the right decision at this point in my life.”

Mr. Vegas isn’t the only dancehall veteran who has renounced the musical genre. Earlier this summer, Minister Marion Hall – formerly known as Lady Saw – said she would no longer perform any of her dancehall hits and was embarking on a career in reggae gospel.

Mr. Vegas has dabbled in the gospel genre before; his song “I Am Blessed” enjoyed crossover success. But the singer said God’s been calling him for a long time, and he finally answered.

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