Doboya Hospital In Dire Straits

ghnewsnow investigation has revealed a chaotic and very shambolic state of the Daboya Polyclinic at Daboya in the Northern Region, Ghana

The district hospital which serves over 70 adjacent communities according to authorities is suffering myriad of challenges including lack of facilities and funds, shortage of required staffs, gross indifference on the part of government and insufficient drugs

The facility has only four half broken patients beds for all manner of patients, no children’s ward; children and female patients are carelessly huddled in the same Ward; as a detention centre it has no ambulance, it uses an old pick up vehicle for referrals.IMG-20160319-WA0019

The Senior Physician Assistant at the Clinic, Mohammed Mumin in an interview  with ghnewsnow northern regional Correspondent Eliasu Tanko said, ” We have four bed room capacity and the other three bed room capacity. Mothers always with their children, I normally combine the female and children at one side”

According to Mumin the clinic in some instances is compelled to offer treatment to two patients on a bed. He said it has become normal for three patients to share a bed at the clinic

The Clinic building, constructed during the tenure of former President, Dr. Busia serves as a medical facility in name only, says a health official

Structures at the Polyclinic may well encapsulates the government missing sense of seriousness towards the deplorable healthcare sector in the areaIMG-20160319-WA0020

Breakdown of referral system

The Daboya health facility is a polyclinic. Patients who attend the clinic are supposed to be referred to the Regional hospital when it do not have the technology or expertise to deal with a particular patient issue. The referral system, says the Physician Assistant, has effectively broken down.

“We use pick up vehicle for referrals; it is not enough, if you look at this place, it is most reliable facility you can think of; 4 people cannot enter one pick up; labour cases is a problem, if you get two labour cases at a time, one pick up cannot transport them so we need ambulance” Mr Mohammed requested

Story By : Eliasu Tanko Tamale


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