Afoko Must Respect NEC’s Decision –C.K Tedam

The chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Council of Elders C.K Tedam has described suspended party chairman Paul Afoko as an arrogant persona, who was running the party “in his pocket.”

Afoko is serving an indefinite suspension over acts of misconduct following two separate petitions to the Disciplinary Committee. The National Executive Committee unanimously resolved to suspend him following a recommendation from the Disciplinary Committee.

Speaking to the media on Monday, Tedam noted the Elders of the Elephant Family have tried on several occasions to “bring peace and harmony” to the party and had no “intention to impeach” Afoko, but he walked out on them at every opportunity given him.

“We asked him to come and asked why he is not operating from the headquarters and he said he is afraid of his own shadows,” Tedam said.

He denied assertions the Council targeted Afoko because “he is a Northerner.”

“He must respect the NEC decision,” Tedam stressed.

Going into the genesis of the suspension, he opined: “Having observed the way things were going, we were going into disaster so we petitioned to the Disciplinary Committee.

Chairman Of NPP's National Council Of Elders C.K Tedam. Picture Credit Modern Ghana
Chairman Of NPP’s National Council Of Elders C.K Tedam. Picture Credit Modern Ghana

“…We’ve been asking him [Paul Afoko] to be in his own judgment because of that, we sent it to the right place; the disciplinary committee. They intend invited Paul Afoko just like the Council of Elders invited him and he refused. I went to talk to him myself, he refused to come. We wrote to him officially so that he will reply officially because our idea is to bring peace and harmony to the party.”

“As fathers and mothers of the party, it was not our intention to impeach him because we thought that will take time and it will disorganize the party a little so we asked him to come and explain why he is not cooperating.

Tedam added: “We believe that the only way we can handle this matter is to let the Disciplinary Committee take it upon themselves because he can’t be judged in his own case and we only asked that he should be disciplined and should be asked to wait until things are put in shape. We planned to bring peace, but Chairman Afoko would not just cooperate.”

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