Barak Obama – US President

Protestors in Orlando, Fla., caused hairs to raise as they came out to meet President Obama and First Lady Michelle with racist expressions and gestures. The protestors numbering about 50 bore signs some of which said “Kenyan go home” and “Honk to impeach Obama.”


The incident happened on the morning of Saturday August 10 as the president’s motorcade drove past a side street on his way to the Disabled American Veterans convention where both President Obama and the First Lady were billed to speak. A White House report says the protestors were mainly older white folk.

Earlier this week the president had been greeted with racially-charged protests while touring the southern parts of the US. Demonstrators outside an Arizona high school where Obama spoke sang “Bye Bye Black Sheep.” One woman held a sign which read “Impeach the Half-White Muslim!” In another incident a clown spotting an Obama mask with a broom sticking out of his bottom was paraded at a Missouri bull race amidst excited racist rants. An eye witness called the act sickening and compared it to a Klan rally.



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