Stoneface Priest – Kenyan Reggae On The Rise

Stoneface Priest is a Kenyan song writer, recording and performing reggae artist. Born Charles Adams Mutura Majau Stoneface priest grew up listening to a lot of reggae music, but his
inspiration was drawn from Don Carlos a Mellow sounding reggae artist from Jamaica.
He started his music career in 2005 with a debut Album Called WARRIOR which consisted of
thirteen original tracks at the Vineyard records Nairobi. His second album PRESSURE which
features twelve original compositions was released in the year 2008 At the Music empire
Nairobi Kenya.
Stoneface priest took a break from recording to horn himself with some music production skills.
KENYA GET ROUGH, released in the year 2014 is among the first singles that were produced
under his own label Called DEF SOUL RECORDS. The label was later renamed LINKINGSTONE MUSIC.

Since then up to date, Stoneface Priest has been releasing a series of single tracks. Propelled by
his signature knit-tight harmonies and rootical lyrics, stoneface priest music has been compared
to legendary reggae artists including MIGHTY CULTURE, ISRAEL VIBRATION and Even South
African reggae icon LUCKY DUBE.
Among his most popular tracks include HARD AND STRONGER, WOLF IN A SHEEPSKIN, THE
PLAN and MIND YOUR TONGUE. In some of his major performances, he has curtain raised for
international reggae artists including LUCIANO, TURBULANCE and GLEN WASHINGTON.

Catch Stoneface Priest in a live interview with Jahbeloved on Radio Kulcha on Sunday the 30th of April, 2023.

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