3nny3 Ez!; Ghanaian Drama Filmed In New York Hits Facebook & YouTube Live


3nny3 Ez! is Ghanaian drama filmed primarily in New York city with connecting scenes filmed in different parts of Ghana. It is directed by Kwesi Eswuon Baako and produced by Imperial media concepts, a New York based media house for the Ghnewsnow platform.

3nny3 Ez! tells the stories of several Ghanaian characters living in New York and how their paths interconnect.

SWANSON is a well-to-do middle-aged man with a talkative and bossy wife who is perhaps the only person he is “scared of”. He also has a doting daughter a a string of businesses. Most of all, despite all his ways, he has a big heart and is dedicated to helping his fellow ‘Ghana people’. He is in love with YAA and does some ridiculous things as a result of his infatuation to her.

YAA is the connecting sinew to the whole story. Everyone she meets either wants to be her or be with her. She has crazy sex appeal and has almost all the male characters in the story tied to her pinky. But the one she really loves is Kelvin who needs to just man up and take his spot. That is, if Yaa’s bestie, BEHANNA will allow him to. 


3nny3 ezi


BEHANNA, YAA’s best friend. She’s got everything YAA’s got, except the flock of men who trail YAA. This makes her insecure and secretly want the guys in YAA’s life. Her name is self-coined and a combination of the names Beyonce and Rihanna.

KELVIN is YAA’s boyfriend. He is the son of a high-profile Ghana Embassy worker. He is the typical “Mamaba” and cries at the least provocation.

ADUHENE is Swanson’s brother-in-law. He is overconfident, devious and in love with YAA too. He runs one or the other of his brother-in-law’s businesses and is simply put… not a great manager.

AKWASI & SELASE are your typical hustlers. Friends and roommates, they kind of look out for each other, until it’s a life-threatening situation… They are employed by Swanson but Akwasi’s love interest in YAA makes their relationship a potentially explosive one.

Other characters including a litany of extras not only with Ghanaian backgrounds but from other cultures too, complement the cast to deliver an all-entertaining encounter with life in the Big Apple from a Ghanaman’s perspective.

Speaking to this network, Director of the series, Kwesi E. Baako said work is far advanced to go on set for Season 2.

“While Season 1 is screening, we will be shooting Season 2”, and this time we have a lot of scenes written for Ghana… he said.

3nny3 Ez! premieres on FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE on SATURDAY the 16th of APRIL, 2022. It can be accessed on the Ghnewsnow Facebook and YouTube handles.

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