Featured Artist: Mokin Gyatabi – Evolving A Unique Sound

Photo Courtesy: Mokin/Ghnewsnow

Ghnewsnow Entertainment Desk  is proud to present to you the 20 sterling Ghana reggae and dancehall artists featuring on the Where Di Money Riddim.  These artists span the entire generational spectrum  of the  genre in Ghana right now.  From  Kente to Elis Koina, the Where Di Money project will unleash a barrage of experienced artists featuring alongside raw and new talent and here at Ghnewsnow,we  will bring them all to you ahead of the release. Today,we  shine the spotlight on MOKIN GYATABI.


For 2 decades this vibrant artist has been plying his trade and being a positive influence.  By using the local dialect basically (Akan/Twi) Mokin Gyatabi has succeeded in injecting consciousness in the hearts of the masses through his songs and cementinghis place as one of the pacesetters of the new trend of reggae and dancehall in Ghana.


Born Kwaku Mensah to Madam Ama Ayittey and Mr. John Mensah Abass Mokin Gyatabi has evolved as one of Ghana’s most enigmatic performers. With a style that can simply not be traced to any known source, Mokin has carved a niche for himself as an original artist with a keen sense of musical genius.


MOKIN GYATABI is as mystical as his music. At a time when most artists and bands of his ilk were trying to sound as close to the Jamaican acts of the time, this enterprising artist took Ghana by storm with some dusty down-to-earth cuts produced in analog. His combination of the local dialect, a cool but confident presence and those reggae-highlife experimentations did get Ghana’s attention.


“I see myself as a versatile artist, Mokin says. My style cuts across multiple genres. Reggae, dancehall and afro beat/pop.”


Photo Courtesy:Mokin / Ghnewsnow

Around 1997 the young Mokin encountered the eccentric producer Panji Anoff and made enough of an impression on him to eventually take him under his tutelage and produce his first album.


“I had heard his name several times but never met before. Eventually I met him through my godfather Burning Rock now known as Dan Ladi, when we happened to work together on a  

soundtrack for a movie by named Welcome Home put together by Kojo Sankofa and Nii Kotei.

The song featured Ras Kassa now known as Judah Brownny, Jubal and myself”.


Panji left for England where he lived at the time and returned around 1999 to take over the Ghana Films music recording studio.


This turned out to be the opportunity Mokin Gyatabi had been waiting for all his life. All this time, he had been thrown from one producer to the other until he became frustrated and almost gave up.


The young man went to go work with his mother in her little store, seeming to have given up, but saving and preparing on the low.


In the year 2000 his mother gave him an amount of 500,000 cedis the equivalent of GHC50 today to go record and master his songs.


The acquaintance with Panji came in handy at this point. Mokin went to see him and he promised to record and master 3 songs for me. He booked the young wide-eyed artist for 3 days to get the work done.

The songs that came out of that session are ‘Israel Nyame’, ‘3y3 Mo Nwanwa’ and ‘Wo sere me’.  

“There was one other song that never got mix and mastered” he told Ghnewsnow.

Panji had a group called Mystical Youth he was working with and Mokin became friends with them. They asked him to feature on their song called ‘Abrabo’ which he did. Days later Panji called him and said he would love to work with him as his artist.

This new musical family performed across the length and breadth of the country including coveted stages like The Alliance Francaise reggae festival in 2001.  


Photo Courtesy: Pidgen Music

He released his first collaboration album with Mystical Youth under Pidgen music in the year 2000 budded as the NKABOM album.

Since then Mokin Gyatabi has released a series of singles till date.

MOKIN GYATABI makes an appearance on the WHERE DI MONEY RIDDIM

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