Ghnewsnow Signs Up As Media Partners For The ‘Where Di Money’ Riddim Project

Ghana has huge potential  when  it comes to music  in general. When it comes to reggae/dancehall, the story is no different even though  there is not a whole lot to show outside the shores of Ghana.

  A lot of Ghana’s talent is exploited and showcased, but a very significant part is also ignored or just not  highlighted enough. This is why for decades,  we have nurtured great talent who we only  know within our artist circles or only in certain parts of Ghana at best. This is the story of GH reggae/dancehall.

In the 1980s Roots Anabo graced a big stage  in Jamaica on Reggae Sunsplash. Kente Band toured Germany in the 90’s, This simply means GH reggae is a brand! A plant that is not being fed enough nutrients to flourish. It is for this reason that we at Ghnewsnow have thrown our full support behind the ‘WHERE DI MONEY’ RIDDIM Project. We are proud to be official media partners. We will do  our best to see not only to the success of the project but to unleashing the mighty gorgon… GH REGGAE/DANCEHALL.



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