President Kufour, The Agenda Still Won’t Fly

By Admiral Bentum 






I could not believe what I just read ! I read it again in the hopes that I may catch the nugget of wisdom (or lack of it thereof). I think I read the article at least 5 times and just couldn’t make any sense out of it . What I found was jealousy laced with hypocrisy driven in a vehicle and an agenda whose goal is to tarnish the image and reputation of our first president Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. 

Ex president John Agyekum Kufour wants us to believe that our current woes can be attributed to the fact that we rushed into developing our country after independence.

This is the kind of stuff even Donald Trump will choke on if he tried to spew it

This is the kind of stuff even Donald Trump will choke on if he tried to spew it. But I am not surprised; as I mentioned earlier there seems to be an agenda by a political movement to tarnish Nkrumah’s image. This statement is not any different from that political party wanting to claim credit for being part of our independence and even changing Nkrumah’s birthday celebration to founders day celebration. Ladies and gentleman, the irony of this is that these SAME ‘Pharisees’ once claimed nkrumah rushed into getting independence for us …yet they want to claim credit for it. If nkrumah had failed in his bid would they have wanted to align themselves with him in that quest ?
So this man looked past the woes and faults of leaders like Nana Addo, Mahama, his old nemesis JJ Rawlings, Acheampong etc. and could only lay fault at the doors of Nkrumah? This is just unfathomable but it makes sense to me’s all part of the agenda.
Corruption, rampant borrowing , ex-gratia, inflated contracts… none of them came to mind .

What came to mind was the fact that we used our $400 million reserve to build factories and sped up development without learning the rudiments of that game ….without having a vision ..all because today we are about 30 million and back then we were only about 6milllion.
Let’s juxtapose Nkrumah’s use of our reserve to speed development and how past presidents like you, Mr. President, borrowed to defrauded future generations by pocketing parts of it .
Mr president I have a question for you: who is the most visionary of all the leaders Ghana has ever had ?..actually let me expand upon it …who is the most visionary African leader of all time? Please look in the mirror before you answer but please don’t mention your name .
Mr president with all due respect (in the words of Kevin Taylor ) who has done more in terms of infrastructure for the nation than nkrumah did .?
And oh yes who is celebrated outside of even ghana as the true son of Africa?
Mr president you goofed big time.
You stopped short of mentioning or criticizing the achievements of Nkrumah because you knew it will expose you however we see what you are trying to do. Our woes are not that Nkrumah didn’t envisage that our population will quadruple or that he did it that fast .(please read about the Malaysias and Singapores ) .
But in any case please tell me what you would have done different if you had a country of 6 million people and $400million dollars ?
Let me guess build a Hotel de Kufour  and wait for Free SHS 64 years later?
imagine Ghana in our current dumsor mess without an Akosombo dam?
Save the foreign reserve and go borrow from IMF ?
And when you say Nkrumah used our reserves to build factories (and not buying V8 ) without a thought on how to replenish, I feel it’s absurd . Monies from these industrialization projects could be used to fill a rainy day reserves fund .
Imagine Ghana without the class of universities Nkrumah built ?
With all due respect if you have to look that far back in any kind of root cause analysis to find out what’s wrong with Ghana then you are the problem.
Nkrumah is not without blemish but his results speaks louder , beyond even Ghana.

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