New Show Alert: GH Concert Party Now

Comedian Atadwe and Nsoroma

Ghnewsnow is pleased to announce its new show Gh Concert Party Now.

The Concert Party genre of drama is one that Ghana can boldly lay claim to. From the days when a young John Collins started documenting the art form till now, this popular form of entertainment continues to remain relevant. However many factors are threatening its survival including the ever 2-faced internet. Cheap forms of entertainment online threaten to kill this cherished art form. It is for this reason that Ghnewsnow has decided to use the same 2-faced internet to bring you… Gh Concert Party Now! 

Let’s support our local arts and preserve our culture. Concert party is our culture. See you every week with comedian Atadwe and friends! 

Executive Producer”s Note:

Any organization or individual that is as obsessed with promoting  our culture as we are are welcome to help us make it better!

Call +233 546 395 079 /



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