Blakk Rasta Meets Mahmoud Abass; Billed To Tour Israel And Palestine

Blakk Rasta In A Handshake With Palestinian Leader Mahmoud Abass – Photo Copurtesy: Blakk Rasta

Ghanaian music icon Blakk Rasta is due to tour Israel and Palestine. The ‘Kuchoko’ legend who is currently on vacation in the region revealed this to Ghnewsnow after holding high profile meetings with both Israeli and Palestinian officials.

Speaking via phone to our news desk, Blakk Rasta said he has been in separate talks with officials of both Israel and Palestine in Ghana for a while on prospects of visiting the region and using his music as a tool in the effort to achieve lasting peace between the two sides, so while visiting Jerusalem, he decided to take advantage to meet up with officials to put some meat on the bone.


“They are ready to allow us to come in and do some serious reggae and conscious music”, he said.


He revealed that he has met with some top-level government officials in Israel and plans are afoot to set the dates for a tour of that country.


In Palestine, he met with the President of the Palestinian National Authority Mahmoud Abass and other high-level officials.  He described the Palestinian people as very welcoming, peace-loving and warm.


“They are only thinking about peace with their neighbors”, he said. “I asked President Mahmoud Abass what is peace to you? to which he responded Peace is when we can visit each other, eat together, dance together and be happy together and live together as family”


He said an initial agreement has been reached to tour Palestine in April of this year.


Admitting that the issue of Israeli-Palestinian peace is a hot potato, Blakk Rasta said “we are going to stand in the middle and not judge anybody on anything. We are just going to try to do our best to use the power of the music to bring peace between the two neighbors”

Blak Rasta In a Handshake with President Robert Mugabe
Blak Rasta In a Handshake with President Robert Mugabe

He also had several hours of interviews and press engagements on Palestinian radio and TV.


Blakk Rasta is not only famous for his pulsating brand of afro reggae music which he has dubbed ‘Kuchoko’ Africanized reggae, but also for making contact with world leaders and other dignitaries including former US president Barak Obama, former Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe and President David Granger of Guyana.


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