Are You A Single Lady? Read This: My Mom And I


I want to share this short conversation I had with my mum not long ago.

So I was there one afternoon and my mum called me. As usual the old chit chat and finally she opened up on why she actually called me..My old lady wanted to know if I won’t bring anyone home yet since I’m reaching the “potential age”for marriage lol

I told her I want to have a stable job, work on my masters and then I’d consider it because I believe marriage will happen at the right time and therefore no need to rush it.
She got a bit concerned..

”Eii it’ll get to a point in time the men will all disappear oo.
Too much school school they will even be scared to approach you oo” 😱

I just laughed and convinced my old woman there’s nothing to worry about.. Someone would come home soon just to make her calm and we laughed it off.

What I’m I trying to say with this lengthy words, sometimes women are made to believe marriage should be the main goal as she grows. She’s made to put everything aside and strive to get married at all cost.
Even if she has dreams and aspirations, as soon as she meets a man who doesn’t want her to work towards them but be a house wife, she’ll lay it all down just so she can be married.

Marriage is beautiful, having someone you can share all your life with and have children of your own is just amazing.
In fact I can’t wait to be a wife and a mother but I won’t let go waste what I want to become, the impact I want to live in my generation just so a man would marry me.
I wouldn’t even consider a man who wouldn’t be comfortable with me chasing after my dreams just because he’s insecure of what I might become.

Sometimes it’s hard when you think you have found someone only for him to ask you to choose between your passion and him; Someone who wants you to sacrifice all your dreams so you sit at home cooking and making babies.

Honey I’m here to assure you it’s okay Let that person go. It doesn’t matter what society says
Go fulfill that dream of yours ..Get that job, get that PhD ..become the boss you want to be.

The right man would stand besides you in admiration and push you to aim higher .

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