Women Should Start Proposing To Men They Feel like Dating – Nana Hemaa Acheampomaa

The country director of Heritage Ghana, Nana Hemaa Acheampong has sent out a word of advice to the women in Ghana and Africa at large to start facing reality and stand up for their happiness. “Feel free to approach or propose to men you have feelings for and feels like dating”.

The media practitioner who shared her views with newsybase.com urged the women to start facing reality by giving men the needed respect in a relationship no matter the social class status of the woman. “Men are men and they have ego. No matter our status in life as women, we must respect our men. We should not let them feel insecure by bullying them with our exposure. When you do that, you scare your man away”.

“A lot of women live a life which will kick their men away anytime. We are obsessed with flashy things which drive us into some situations our men can’t handle yet we don’t do anything to improve their life. We must take our responsibilities as women and make a man a better being than going with the mind-set of gaining from them always”.

Currently, there seems to be a lot of relationships not working in our time for so many reasons. Every victim of a broken relationship is now seeking a “perfect relationship”. On her view on perfection in a relationship, the engaged woman who seemed madly in love said: “there’s nothing like a perfect relationship.


Every relationship has its own issues but what makes you a matured woman is when you take charge and control them. We should get out of that fairy tale and movie world relationship we are trying to create for ourselves. When your man is going wayward, just find a way and get him on track than victimizing yourself and the relationship.

In our part of the world, women are not fancied expressing their love feelings to men. They dress and appear “big girls” which also scare guys, she commented by saying “every lady now looks good and appear great which in some way scare our guys away but I feel its time they start going for what they want.

country director of Heritage Ghana, Nana Hemaa Acheampong
                        Country Director Of Heritage Ghana, Nana Hemaa Acheampong

There is nothing wrong approaching someone you are in love with or have feelings for. It doesn’t make you cheap so go ahead and express your feelings. Its better we start talking than killing our emotions and acting funny when the guys we hesitated in approaching move with other ladies.

Love is something that seems to have lost its value now, but the love queen advised fellow women to know and understand what entails to love before they start a relationship. “Love peace, patient, caring, trust, a little jealousy, sacrificial etc and when you find yourself in there, you can’t control a lot of things but now we gladly enter a relationship without a lot of ingredients and we call it love.

“And our ladies should take their love life from the public’s eye. We should not be talking to friends about what out partners give or does not give us. We must go without egos and pride.

We should be humble and tolerant. We should be bold to face what our relationship brings to us and we will have a beautiful relationship. We must be prayerful also” she ended by advising her fellow ladies

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