GPHA Adopts Institutional Policy To Reduce Unnecessary Accidents At Port Enclave

The General Manager In Charge Of Public Relations and Marketing, at the Ghana Ports And Harbours Authority, Joana Adda say, the introduction of Certification And Verification Of Load Worthiness, is an International Convention, aimed at mitigating accidents within the Ports enclaves, and on the roads.
Addressing Journalists, operating within the Industrial Hub, she said, the measures tie in, with The International Labour Organisation Law, championed by The Ghana Shippers Authority, to promote safety at sea.
ghnewsnow Reporter, Ibrahim Obeng Mensah, was part of the Training and  reports  that, Auto Consult Ventures Limited (ACVL), has been mandated by the Ghana Ports And Harbours Authority, to embark on the Load Worthiness of Trucks, operating within the Ports enclave.
  The General Manager in Charge of Public Relations And Marketing at the Ghana Ports And Harbours Authority, Madam Joana Adda argues that, the exercise will not be in conflict with the Driver Vehicle And Licensing Authority (DVLA). Harbours Authority PRO Joana Addai
According to her, enough Stakeholder consultation has been held, to brainstorm the pros and cons of the exercise. She explained that, Auto Consult Venture Limited, will specifically focus its attention on Trailers and subsequently, issue an embossment on the Trailer, if it passes the Certificate of Load Worthiness.
The amiable PR And Marketing Manager noted that, the assurance of embossment on Trailers has become necessary, to insulate drivers and owners of long vehicles from decoupling of Certificates, of their Trailers, that fall foul on the load worthiness.  
The PR, Joanna Adda further allayed fears that, Trailers builders in Suame Magazine in the Ashanti Region, will be kicked out of business, with the coming into force of the Policy.  
Source/Ibrahim Obeng Mensah

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