Virgin Mary Appears In Wa

Gaa Muni a section of Zongo a suburb of the Wa Municipality has been turned into a worship center as scores of Catholics have besieged the place to catch a glimpse of what they say is the apparition of the Virgin Mary.

The claimed apparition of the Virgin Mary which is inside the light bulb of the street light in the area started at about 2pm on Wednesday afternoon.
According to Paul Sibere a meat seller near the street light, he was the first to see the apparition. He explained that he had often doubted his family members who claimed they have seen the virgin Mary at various locations in the upper west region.
He told Musah Lansah that,” my brother told me last week that he saw Mary at Kaleo but I told him he was telling lies. He again told me he saw her at Charia but again I told him he was lying but yesterday I was sitting here arguing with people about it then suddenly I saw her fully in the street light”.
He added,” when I was telling them they did not believe because they could not see what I was seeing. As for me I believe what I saw and I will start going to church this Sunday“.
Other community members who spoke with Musah Lansah said though they don’t believe it is Mary, what they are seeing is strange since they have never seen something like that happening on the street lights”.

A sign that God is not happy.

A member of the Christian Mothers Association of the Catholic Church in Wa, Madam Mary Bayong  told that the apparition is a sign that God is not happy with us.
She said,”this is to tell us that God is not happy with us. If you look at what we do these days hmmm, my son you will be sad. The stealing, robbery, killing and others….this is a message from God that we must repent from our sins”.
She disclosed that she had tried calling the Catholic Priests but she has not been successful with that but promised to inform the next day.
As at the time left Gaa Muni at around 12:23AM, more devotees were seen thronging there to catch a glimpse of the apparition .

More people throng Gaa Muni on Thursday.

Contrary to beliefs that the spectacle will disappear by Thursday morning , the crowd rather increased by midday on Thursday .
Catholics and non catholics alike thronged the place to catch a glimpse of the Virgin. The gathering however was not without arguments as some people dismissed the claimed apparition.
A broadcaster in Wa Ibrahim Muniru told that,” this is just a shadow from the bulb. Mary will not come back and Jesus will not also come back. We will all meet one day in the presence of God”.

His comments did not go down well with a Catholic  close by who said,”well its up to him to believe or not to believe. I have seen her and I believe she is the one”.

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As at the time of filling this report, the Gaa Muni section of Zongo was home to scores of Catholics and Non-Catholics. While the Catholics were praying and singing, others were still in disbelief.

Messages from Apparition

Some individuals who were at the place started claiming that the apparition was speaking to them and giving them Bible quotations to deliver to the world. A young lady who fell to the ground and went into a trance claimed, the apparition had told her there would not be rains this season but that the people will not go hungry as God would provide for them.

meanwhile the  Catholic Diocese is yet to respond or issue a statement on the incident.

Story By : Musah Lansah / Wa

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