627 Mental Derail People On The Streets Of Brong Ahafo

Statistics at the Brong Ahafo Regional Mental Health has it that 627are on the various streets of towns and communities in the region.
Marijuana and Laka which is a mixture of Akpeteshie and marijuana have been attributed to the many mental health problems in the Brong Ahafo region.
The Brong Ahafo Regional Mental Health Coordinator, Joseph Yere told Ghnewsnow.com that among the total number recorded males dominates.
“ We have have so far recorded 627 people mental derail persons on the streets across the region, out of the number the males are 450 whiles the females are 174 with 3 below the age of 12,” Mr. Yere revealed.
Mr. Yere revealed that their findings points to the fact that most of the males with mental problems is as a result of smoking Marijuana and drinking of Laka which is a mixture of Akpeteshie and marijuana, whiles the females is as a result of marital issues.
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Photo File
He said most females they have recorded points to marriage problems, “ Most of the women we have treated are people  whose partners have promised to marry them but are currently abroad, some close to ten years they only hear from their partners on phone this has put pressure on them resulting in their conditions,” Mr. Yere revealed.
Mr Yere also identified the Micro-finance saga that hit the region as a cause of depression among people who had invested with these microfinance companies.
“Around June 2015, we started receiving people with depression and severe headache. Our findings revealed they were people who had invested with DKM, God is Love Fun Club, Jaster Motors , Little Drops and Care for Humanity,” he noted.
Mr. Yere said a budget has been submitted to Brong Ahafo Region Minister, Eric Opoku to help clear the streets of mental derail persons.
He noted that his outfit has intensify it education on mental health by visiting basic and Senior High Schools in the region to educate them on mental health.
Story By : Michael Sarpong MFUM, Sunyani

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