AUDIO: Forest Guards Lives In Danger At Assin Fosu; Management Cry For Military Protection

The Assin Fosu district manager of the forestry service division of the forestry Commission, Mr. Samuel Kyei, has called for military support as chainsaw operators have resorted to attacking officers of the forest service division who try to stop them from depleting the area’s forest reserve.

The chain saw operators, he explains, wield dangerous weapons which make it difficult to effect their arrest with some of his men sustaining serious degrees of injuries and at times deaths , in their quest to arrest the illegal chain saw operators who mostly operate at night .

Three of his men ,he explains, recently sustained gunshot wounds by the illegal chain saw operators thereby putting his men in a state of fear making it difficult for them to go about their duties freely.

He is therefore calling on government to consider arming the guards so as to put them in the best of position to ward off attack from the armed chain saw operators even as the guards go about their legitimate duties.

The military, he added, should also be deployed into the area to help them combat the chain saw operators as the service does not have the numbers and capacity to compact the increasing number of armed chain saw operators in the area.

The activities of the chain saw operators, according to him, if not tackled head on , will deplete the forest reserve in the area resulting in massive deforestation.

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