Bad Press Is Threat To Tamale Development -Alhaji Hanan Gundadow

The Tamale Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE) Alhaji Hanan Gundadow has expressed disappointment over unfair media reportage about the area indicating that most of the reports are inaccurate.

He indicates media reports about happenings in the area are mostly skewed making the Tamale Metropolis look like a jungle area which is more volatile than any of the war torn African countries.

“The media is not fair in reporting things about Tamale. They make certain reports as though the area is always at war’, he said

Speaking on the Ultimate Breakfast Show hosted by Lantam Papanko, the Mayor said reports of violent incidents in other areas are centered on specific communities but when it has to do with the Tamale Metropolitan area, it is generalized.

“When one community is in trouble for example in Tamale in particular, journalists sensationalize the report and make it sound as though the entire city is trouble. Tamale is not a household but one of the fastest growing cities in West Africa”, he disclosed.

According to him, the area is safe, stable attracting a sprawl of businesses contrary to claims that the area is volatile for which reason a lot of businesses are relocating to the area as the gateway to the Sahel.

He indicated that there are more positive things in the area to be reported about but because some media persons are focused on negative issues, it has clouded the positives which in his view should have been the focus.

Credit : Ultimate Fm

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