Terror threat: No Need To Panic Mahama

President John Mahama has urged Ghanaians not to panic over the terror alert released by the National Security.In an interview with aaThursday, President Mahama said it was unnecessary for the alert to be leaked to the media by the security agencies.

“I think that we must deal with this without creating panic amongst our people and that is why the stories we see in the papers today are most unfortunate.”

The alert leaked Wednesday confirmed that terrorists are planning an attack on Ghana to defuse the notion that only francophone countries were susceptible to attacks by terrorists.

Portions of the alert read that: “Intelligence gathered by the National Security Council (NSCS), indicates a possible terrorist attack on the country is real.”

The alert also stated that the terrorists enter a country with their explosives and weapons by concealing them.

“They enter through approved and unapproved entry points. In the Ivorian attacks they reportedly entered from Mali using Niger register 4×4 vehicle. They reportedly concealed their weapons and grenade in the vehicles compartment for spare tyres, padded with cushions and bubbled wraps to keep them stable and prevent noise”.

However, President Mahama has assured that the nation’s security agencies are well placed to deal with any form of threat and urged the public to be alert and report any form of suspicious behaviour to the security agencies.

“We are preparing for any such eventuality but we need the alertness of the public, the public needs to be more alert today than before, if you see any strange person, any strange movement you just need to report to the security services,” President Mahama added.

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