Why Victimized NPP Deserves Our Sympathy And Support

This no April fool’s joke. Ace journalist, Manasseh Azure Awuni has an opinion piece in which he argues that the victimized NPP does not deserve our sympathies. In a well-reasoned piece, he stated, in the most pivotal paragraph that, ” If you give the NPP power tomorrow, they will do exactly what the NDC government is doing”. Manasseh is a good man but he is wrong– very wrong on this, for a number of reasons.
First, sitting unconcerned while the NDC and the NPP victimize one another is unpatriotic and short-sighted. It permits the two parties to undermine the rule of law, our democracy and ultimately,  our country. When the NDC can victimize the NPP and vice-versa,  they can victimize any of us and our constitution will be meaningless.
Second, while our parties can improve, they are not as bad and cynical — all the time– As Azure paints them. President Mills firmly resisted the desires of extremists in his party, led by Rawlings for the arrests of NPP leaders just because they were NPP. This led to the breakdown in their relationship. President Mills never got the credit he deserved for standing up to Rawlings.
Third, a party that can victimize the opposition will, sooner or later victimize it’s own members. The CPP ultimately victimized it’s own members under PDA, the NDC victimized Obed and others and the NPP has victimized Afoko et al.
I do not know that a future NPP government would victimize the NDC but if it did, it must be resisted by all who care about Ghana, lawfully. And I will be in the front ranks of that resistance.
That same attitude must apply to the NDC government now!
All of us, including the President, must strengthen the guarantees in our democracy because, sooner or later, the wheels will turn and they too, will need the protections of our constitution.
God bless Ghana.

Credit : Dr Kwabena Authur Kennedy

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