Soldiers Prevents Ivory Coast Fulanis Herdsman From Entering Ghana

Ghanaian military force has barricaded the Ghana-Mandari border in the Northern region to fend off from entering into Ghana over hundred nomadic Fulani herdsmen and their families who are escaping violence ejection from local farmers around Bounna in Ivory Coast

The armed military have taken over portion of the Black Volta River and the Mandari Nsunua community in the Bole district

Ghnewsnow has learned that there is currently a raging conflict between local farmers and Fulani herdsmen in the ivorian community resulting in a spillage

Close source in the Ivory coast border town say, that at least 30 cattle have been killed by the angry farmers.

The source says the locals are evicting the herdsmen over the relentless destruction of their farms by the fulanis

Bole district police commander ASP Eric Awiadem has confirm ” We share boundary with Bounna, the ivorian side and there is a conflict between the Fulani men and the people; and the Fulani men are running to our area so they came in case there would be spill over but at the moment the situation is under control”

This is the second time within a month armed military personnel have belligerently stormed the district

Just a week ago military force reportedly invaded a Ghanaian border community in the district Dollar Power town, and raided homes of residents

The military were said to be searching for an armed gang hiding in the area believed to had attacked the district security council killing one soldier

Residents in the area said they feel intimidated by the constant presence of the soldiers

“Most people are complaining that they are scared because some time ago one of the military men died on their way to Dollar Power, so as we have seen the military men around they don’t know their plans for the next day” a resident told Tamale based local Journalist  Eliasu Tanko

Story By : Eliasu Tanko N/R Tamale


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