Audio: Old Tafo Curfew Residents Accuse Police Of Harassment

Some residents of Old Tafo in the Ashanti region are accusing Police officers deployed to the community of harassment and intimidation.

The officers are in the town to enforce a curfew which has been re-imposed on the area by the Regional Security council.

The Interior Ministry imposed the curfew following the clashes between some Muslim youth and traditional authorities in the area over the ownership of a cemetery.

The residents are, however, questioning the decision to maintain the curfew in spite of the relative improvement in security.

Some of the residents told Starr News their rights are being violated.

“What is terrible about this curfew is that; if nature calls on you and you need to go out and ease yourself, you cannot because of the curfew. And in instances where you are able to sneak out, the Police will chase you and harass you for nothing. There are times they have beaten old men for violating the curfew time. Recently, they beat up a woman and warned her not to cry,” a worried resident stated.


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