Latest Anas Documentary Premieres April 1

A new documentary on the life and work of celebrated undercover Ghanaian Journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, is to premiere in Accra on April 1.

Titled ‘Chameleon’, it has already featured at some notable film festivals and is set to make its Ghana date courtesy Globe Productions and EIB Network.

In Chameleon, we see a janitor mopping floors in a brothel. A drugged out Rastafarian in a psychiatric ward. A wealthy investor in high heels and lipstick.

These are just a few of the disguises that Anas Aremeyaw Anas has used to infiltrate Africa’s criminal underworld. But Ghana’s most notorious journalist is more than just a reporter. He’s a crime fighter who uses his journalistic skills to bust corruption; a modern day folk hero who keeps his identity hidden from the public. Anas reveals a side of Africa rarely seen: tabloid journalism, high-tech surveillance and high-speed car chases. Filmmaker Ryan Mullins goes beyond the pulp thriller to create a complex and revealing portrait. Is Anas a journalist, or a vigilante? Just how far is he willing to go to uncover the truth? CHAMELEON takes us deep into the most difficult case Anas has faced to date, and the legal and moral conflicts challenging him.


Anas has been called the James Bond of Ghanaian journalism. He’s exposed a sex-trafficking ring by masquerading as a bartender, uncovered deplorable conditions in Accra’s psychiatric hospital, posed as a crown prince in order to bypass a rebel checkpoint. His unorthodox methods are infamous throughout Ghana, but, despite his notoriety, his face is unknown to the public. The film takes us behind the scenes of the Tiger Eye Investigations Bureau hot on the heels of his next big case.

“This is not a story of my life it is a story of my Society driven by the need for social Change As an Undercover Journalist my is job is about results, it is about fostering development but the stakes are always high…Every seconds counts as I decide to take the risk, any miscalculation can lead to,” Anas has said of the film.

CHAMELEON is produced by EyeSteelFilm, in association with Blue Ice Docs, Kinosmith Inc. Director is Ryan Mullins. Bob Moore is Producer. Executive producers are Mila Aung-Thwin and Daniel Cross.

The film was supported by Bell Media’s The Movie Network and Corus Entertainment’s Movie Central.

First Showing: 5:00pm

Second Showing: 8:00pm.

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