Valentine’s Day Is ‘Meaningless’ – Mutabaruka

Revolutionary Jamaican poet, Mutabaruka has dismissed the buzz around Valentine’s Day saying it is a meaningless European celebration.

Mutabaruka who was a guest on Ghtoday hosted by Kafui Dey and Baisiwa Dowuona- Hammond on GhOneTV Friday, said it is not of conscious mentality to celebrate the day as much as it is not to celebrate Christmas.

“Most of the holidays we celebrate is what the European people give us. We celebrate Christmas, Valentines, now the people of Jamaica are even celebrating Halloween…what is all this?” he asked.

The fiery spoken word artist cum musician insists he believes in love because “love is not a European or African thing,” but he does not share in the concept of Saint Valentine’s Day.

According to him, Pan-Africanists should create their own holidays and make them worth celebrating.

“We should have an Kwame Nkrumah day for all Africans to enjoy instead of all these things”

Mutabaruka is internationally celebrated for his poems that are said to ‘have given voice to a nation and helped forge an entirely new genre of music, dub/rhythm poetry’.

His words are described as revolutionary, fiery, scathing, and stinging, and potent.

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Allan Hope, birth name, said he first realized “the power of the word” [poetry], when he was in his teens.

Credit: GHoneTv

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