Rastafari Community Calls For Calm Over Gitmo Issue In Ghana

Ahuma Bosco Ocansey - President, Rastafari Counciil, Ghana
Ahuma Bosco Ocansey – President, Rastafari Counciil, Ghana (Photo Courtesy:georgebritton.com)


In the heat of the exchanges over the transfer of 2 former detainees of the notorious Guantanamo Bay Prison, the Rastafari community has chimed in calling for calm. A statement issued by the Rastafari Council, a representative body of the different ‘mansions’ of the faith in Ghana, said the country must be the first factor in whatever side of the argument one stands on. “We must be sure of the decision we take, for our children not to suffer in future.”

It also called on religious bodies to guard against allowing the issue to divide them.

Below is the full statement:


The Rastafari Council has been observing happenings in our beloved country and wishes to state that the Guantanamo detainees issue must be discussed dispassionately without partisan interests.

The Council wishes to state that we are in an election year and if issues are not discussed from a place of patriotism and love for Ghana, it can escalate to a different level.

We understand that the detainees are being distributed all over the world and Ghana received two of them. As we are aware, the US is not known to do anything in a vacuum – with the American government there is always a catch. Knowing that Ghanaians travel a lot, we cannot say they should be sent back. We must be sure of the decision we take, for our children not to suffer in future.

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Government says they will be gone in two years, where to, we are not sure. Government must ensure the two year promise is adhered to. Meanwhile we hope government has put in place measures to forestall any mishaps arising from this decision since the decision can result in some negative consequences.

We call on the religious bodies not to be divided on this issue. Let us take solace that two years is just a few months away we should wait patiently for that time to come.

By this statement the Rastafari Council is not taking sides with any religious body or political party. We stand for the freedom and peace of our people.

Jah bless Ghana.


Ahuma Bosco Ocansey


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