AUDIONEWS: Ghanaian Reggae Artists Need To Up Their Game – Root Eye

Mr. Root Eye - Photo Courtesy: penznbrainz
Mr. Root Eye – Photo Courtesy: penznbrainz

Renowned Ghanaian TV personality Kwasi Ofei Nyarko, better known as Root Eye has said Ghanaian Reggae artists need to “up their game” if they really crave the dominance the dancehall artists are now enjoying on the Bass awards. He says the dancehall artists process their art better and thus it is little wonder that they get better recognized.
Those young ones that are coming… have built a certain kind of following who support their music and share and spread the music so the music is all over the place” he said “It is just natural that it will take over he added.

Reacting to the recent exclusive interview granted to GHnewsnow by award-winning reggae artist Blakk Rasta, Root Eye, who also doubles as the Director of Reggae for the Bass awards said music is supposed to create employment and the dancehall artistes have actually created a micro industry out of the artform with bloggers, DJs, beat-makers, dancers etc. all making a living from it.

Root Eye said as Director of reggae, he has big dreams for the genre going forward. He said he has plans to put in place a mechanism to connect mainstream reggae talent in Ghana with mentors and collaborators abroad.

“One of the immediate things I want to do is to is to forge some relationships with some of these international producers and see if they can do us favors by giving us rhythms for our people to ride on.

Photo Courtesy: Root Eye
Photo Courtesy: Root Eye

He said unless the quality and promotion of the music improves, the dancehall sub-branch will continue to dominate the awards. “You cannot do music without promotion … and then again you cannot just promote just anything and expect yields or some results”. He mentioned that in this internet age the audience has become more sophisticated and savvy in their appreciation of music and thus would not accept mediocre productions. “The public has been enlightened by the internet”.

The Bass Awards is a scheme set up 3 years ago to recognize talent and contributions in the genre in Ghana. A few days ago Blakk Rasta boycotted this year’s edition in protest of how mainstream reggae is treated by the awards organizers.

Root Eye who is one of the hosts of the rated Music Music TV show on TV3 also has recording and producing experience in addition to radio DJing.

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