Shocker: Baby Born With One Eye On Forehead

The was drama At Kronom a Suburb of Kumasi in the Ashanti regional capital after a baby was reportedly delivered with one eye at an undisclosed hospital.

Interestingly the eye of the new born baby is positioned on his forehead  unlike the natural  position of all human eyes.The baby has no nose for which many believes the new born may not survive for days.

The mother of the baby according to media report quickly vanished from the undisclosed hospital after it came to her attention that her new born baby has unnatural features.

Reports indicate that the  managements of undisclosed hospital  where the baby was delivered are on their way to report the matter to Suame police headquarters.

Whiles other witnesses are advising for the baby to be killed to avoid society stigmatization since its features are uncommon.

One thought on “Shocker: Baby Born With One Eye On Forehead

  • October 27, 2019 at 7:23 pm

    I’ll adopt the baby. Try to give the baby the best life. Please don’t destroy such a blessing.


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