I’ll Work With Even The Devil For Society’s Good’ -Anas

Investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas has said he does not mind teaming up with the devil himself for the good of society, as far as his undercover journalism profession is concerned.

“…When you get an opportunity even with the devil to make society better and at that moment in time the devil has agreed that on this occasion I’ll do it for the people, take it because you never know,” he told Bernard Avle on the Citi Breakfast Show Tuesday when he was asked about the propriety of collaborating with officialdom in carrying out some of his undercover projects, and if he did not risk compromising his professionalism and integrity by dint of such collaborations.

“…We collaborate with one eye opened knowing that the people that you are collaborating with are themselves snakes,” he responded.

As far as he is concerned, so far as such collaboration does not compromise his editorial integrity, he will go for it any day for the good of society.

“The good thing is, that editorial discretion and censorship should not be allowed,” he said.

Anas’ comments are a response to accusations against him by anti-corruption campaigner Martin Amidu that he collaborated with the Government in his two-year investigations into the judiciary. The undercover work exposed 34 judges receiving bribe to pervert justice.

Some of them have been suspended by the Chief Justice while a five-member judicial committee investigates their conduct.

Mr Amidu alleges that Anas and his Tiger Eye PI Amidu firm are being used by the Government to paint the judiciary black while suppressing similar graft in the legislature.

According to Mr Amidu, Anas is a “criminal” enjoying state protection to flout the laws with “impunity,” adding that he has no right to mount surveillance on the people of Ghana without express permission from a court of law.

He has also described Anas’ company as a “fraudulent dummy” firm, which has not been registered at the Registrar General’s Department.

As far as Mr Amidu is concerned, Anas’ collaboration with officialdom makes him susceptible to executive influence, thus becoming amenable to political influence at the highest level to hide the wrongs of the executive.

Mr Anas has, however, denied all the allegations. He told Bernard Avle that even though he collaborated with the Police in the past in doing some of his undercover works, he still exposed the Police in one of his projects titled ‘Bad Cops’. Furthermore, he said despite collaborating with the presidency under Prof John Mills (late), he exposed the presidency for failing to pay taxes in the past.

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