The Gospel According To John III, 20:16, Gabby Writes

John III Chapter 20, Verse 16 reads: After eight years of smart, hard work which put the nation back on the pedestal of hope and the trajectory of prosperity, the God of Israel was sad to see how the NDCeivers tricked the people of Israel with lies and insults against the Kufourites whose rule brought back dignity and hope.

With lies they came into office. And, with incompetence and greed they indeed ruled. And, after 42 months of man-made famine, God was sad to see how the NDCeivers tricked His people with breadcrumbs from wheat stolen from the farms of the people themselves.

And, yet the famished Isrealites felt grateful enough to go down on their knees and thanked the same NDCeivers for bringing them food and water. Hard as the Kufuorites tried to tell the people to reject the crumbs from the bread from the high table, the hunger of the people blinded them to the deceit presented to them as life-saving gifts.

“Be careful of those who deceive you to hand over your ‘chop money’ to them with promises of three rich, square meals daily, only to deny you breakfast, deny you lunch, deny you supper, and wake you up in the middle of your sleep on an empty stomach to offer you breadcrumbs and a glass of water. Be careful when they show up again with renewed promises of a better tomorrow,” so warned repeatedly the Kufuorites.

Time and time again, they reminded the people of the message of deceit but those warnings were not received:

“Remember what they told you on the eve of choice when they knocked on your door in the middle of the night, bearing gifts: ‘Let me have your chop money tomorrow as well for I am like you, from the same tribe, from the same plebian background, I care for you. You cannot trust the others who look down on you and will lord over you. I am you and you are me. They are your enemies.’

“That was the message they sold to you. We beg you not to let those who deceive you with their sweet tongues bite you the third time running with their sharp teeth. Be careful of such deceivers for they mean you not well. They will seduce you, use you, abuse you, reduce you and refuse you.

Do not make them impoverish you only to turn around and appear to nourish you. They cannot be your saviours. That is their behaviour. Do not let them exploit any tribal links with you to extort your trust and extract your wealth. Look not on those things but at these things they do when you empower them to rule. They will use tribe and bribe to win you over and wean you off your senses.

Reflect on their deeds but from beginning to end. They will divert you from what matters to make you believe that they matter to you and you matter to them. They will use the power you give them to empower their families and friends with your riches and at your expense. Instead, do what will benefit you and generations yet unborn.

Empower those who will empower you and your children. Empower those who have shown through their deeds that your wellbeing is their wellbeing, your welfare is their welfare. Compare their history and choose wisely for your future. Bid farewell to those who hit at your welfare.

“Our nation is 6,000 years old. Out of that the NDCeivers have ruled for 2,700 years. They have reigned longer than any other royal household. But, pain and misery, lamentations and indignations have characterised their legacy.

You cannot continue rolling a rock uphill for it to be rolled back downhill whenever you get closer to the zenith. That is what a deceiver represents, the Sisyphean option. You cannot continue hailing and worshipping those who are draining your efforts and plotting your downfall as rather the redeemer.”

This was the message from the Kufuorites to the people of Israel as another judgment day beckoned.

Alas, verily, verily the people of Israel gave the NDCeivers another four years to rule over them with their foul ways. For the next three extra years a blanket of darkness covered the entire land, destroying businesses, leaving the sick unattended, bandits attacking travellers along the dark, weedy paths, the curse of drought destroying planted seeds, the test of endurance stretched beyond its human elasticity, infidels and charlatans occupying high offices, with doom and gloom everywhere. Such was the nadir to which the Kingdom was reduced.

As the people begged for mercy, and prayed for redemption, the NDCeivers continued to plunge into the riches of Israel to plunder, crumbling the economy for real, taxing the people dry. Yet, defiant they remain, assured by the fact that when all is said and done they can bring in aliens from neighbouring nations to protect their ill-used mandate, to protect the fortress that was built for them to occupy and leave the masses unsatisfied.

Whiles the inhabitants wail and pray for change and salvation, the NDCeivers shall plot and scheme over how to offer the desperate and vulnerable masses more breadcrumbs of temporary relief so as to win back the confidence of the majority at all cost.

Behold, the NDCeivers remembered what worked for them in the past. In the final year of this their second successive reign they will once again scheme to use the sweat of the people’s labour to yet again feed the starved masses with crumbs from the produce of their own farms, expecting the disillusioned, bartered, rejected and starved people of Israel to once again offer their destiny, alas, to those fated to destroy it all.

Don’t be deceived. God is not mocked…

This is the Gospel according to John III.

A satirical piece by Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko |

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