Angry Abaobo Youth Protest Against Asokore Manpong MCE Over Illegal Demolishing Of Structures


The group is accusing Alhaji Nurudeen Amidan of spearheading what they call illegal demolition exercises within the area. According to them, the MCE has refused to wait for court rulings before pulling down structures that the Assembly declares their locations as unlawful.

Members of the group cited a number of demolitions exercises Alhaji Amidan led including a recent one the Ashanti Regional Minister directed. Peter Anarfi Mensah recently directed a demolition of a building in the area which was located on the transmission lines of the Kumasi East branch of the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL).

According to the officials of the GWCL all attempts to stop a private developer from building at the location was unsuccessful. The officials however sought the help of the Municipal Assembly to pull down the structure.

But the concerned youth also claim that the MCE never waited for the court to give its final ruling before going ahead to order the demolition. The youth who are not enthused with the actions of the MCE said they will petition President John Dramani Mahama to replace him.

Spokesperson for the group, Awudu Abdul-Mumin Iddris disclosed that all was set for its Tuesday November 3 demonstration. He explained that members of the group will converge at the Kumasi Central Mosque where they will demonstrate through the principal streets of the metropolis and finally to the Ashanti Regional Coordinating Council (ARCC) to present a petition to the Regional Minister for onward delivery to the President.

Asked what will happen if their petition is not given attention, the group leader reiterated that “the demonstration is a consistent one and we will demonstrate until the President changes the MCE”.

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