Ghana EC Writes To Togo Electoral Commission For Copy Of Voters’ Register

The Chairperson of Electoral Commission of Ghana, Charlotte Osei, has revealed that the Commission has written to the Togolese Electoral Commission for a copy of their voters’ register.
The request by the EC is to verify claims that Ghana’s voters register has thousands of foreigners on it including Togolese nationals.

The EC boss was speaking at the ongoing forum on the Electoral voters register in Accra .
According to her, the EC will ensure that it investigates claims by the NPP that the register has Togolese names on it.

In another development, Mrs Osei has stated that various communities in the country can play key roles in preventing minors and foreigners from registering .

Electoral Commissioner Charlotte Osei
Electoral Commissioner Charlotte Osei Picture Credit Graphic

“Minors are lured by political parties, dishonest parents who are lured by political parties. Some parents also just don’t know the age of their children,” she said.

She said about 8,000 voters were identified as 18 year-old at one registration exercise and some years after, they still claimed they were still 18 years.

“We need the community to help in identifying who is minor and who is not,” she added.
She also said if foreigners are on the voters Register, then the community needs to identify them.

She also advised people to avoid an emotive definition of citizenship and focus on a constitutional definition of Ghanaian citizenship.
“Constitutionally even an adopted person can be a Ghanaian. People who look different may be constitutionally entitled to a voters’ ID card, she said.

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