Nana Addo Meets Ghanaian Media In North America

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The flag bearer of Ghana’s opposition New Patriotic Party, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo has met with the Ghanaian media in North America in Washington DC. The event, organized by the New Patriotic Party’s USA Branch (NPP-USA) was a one hour affair in which journalists coming from radio, internet and TV establishments were invited. The pressmen and women were given an hour to ask questions and seek clarity on a number of issues.

In a response to the trending issue of the NPP’s call for a new voters’ register, Nana Addo said he does not expect the Electoral Commission to deny Ghanaians that basic right. He said several African countries, some less accredited in democratic governance than Ghana, have undertaken similar exercises to clean out their register.

“The arguments that have been made about the bloated register and the need to have a more accurate, reliable register are irresistible”, he said.

He said the governing National Democratic Congress is the only body protesting the demand for a new voters register and this raises red flags.

A participant asking a question
A participant asking a question

He also addressed the issue of party unity and internal wrangling. Nana Addo said the information reaching his office and what he personally sees on the ground do not point to a divided party but rather one that is poised to wring power from the NDC. H said the John  Mahama-led administrations mismanagement of Ghana’s economy is enough of a rallying cry for all members of the NPP to  bond tighter to change the fortunes of not just the NPP but for Ghanaians as a whole. The way in which John Mahama and his government have ruled and governed Ghana and managed our affairs, if we allow them another term we are committing generation of Ghanaians to a future of hopelessness.. and I believe that beyond everything else, that is the unifying factor for the NPP” he said.

Nana Addo also answered questions from some participants who joined the Press Conference via the internet.

Convener of the event, Kwaku Kyei Ofori who also doubles as the Communications Director for NPP-USA told ghnewsnow that this will be a regular feature till election 2016. Hee said the NPP will use all available avenues to avail the flag bearer to different facets of the electorate and the Press.

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