Ghanaians Are Corrupt-Mohammed Jalilu


A Member of Ghana Anti-Corruption Campaign Mohammed Jalilu has tagged all Ghanaians as corrupt noting that the issue of corruption is not only limited to persons who have been cited for corruption in the country.

Speaking on the ultimate breakfast show dubbed Citizens Debate, he revealed that his engagements with the citizenry over critical national issues in the past have gone to confirm that no Ghanaian can absolve himself/herself of being corrupt

“Corruption is part of our DeoxyriboNucleic Acid (DNA) of Ghanaians based on my interactions”

Mr. Jalilu observed that corruption is an age-old practice which existed in the days of Adam and Eve where both tried to cheat the system but were exposed by God resulting in the current predicament of the present generation.

“We are where we are because someone attempted circumventing the system in his favour”. He remarked.

Another panelist on the programme and private legal practitioner Yaw Boafo who agreed with said corruption had caught up well with Ghanaians based on their orientation observing that levels of corruption in present day in public institutions never existed in post independence.

Patriotism in his view has not been inculcated in the citizenry as compared to what happened in time past indicating that all these had eaten into the moral fiber of the system resulting in uncontrolled upsurge in corruption.

“The difficult system in accessing service at public institutions for instance has accounted for corruption in these establishments”.

He blamed the quest to get rich overnight by public servants for the cause of corruption in Ghana.

Religious leaders he observed are partly to blame as most of them have now have now centred their preaching on prosperity rather than repentance with a section only interested in grabbing property to the detriment of the salvation of their members.

“Pastors all over the country have contributed to corruption in one way or the other because the rich are being adored in churches “.

“The times where the popular statement Good Name is Better than Riches has paved way for You are blessed and highly favoured”

Source:Stephen Zoure Tamale

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