Accept NDC’s New Electral Reforms -Asiedu Nketia

The General  Secretary of the governing National Democratic Congress, Mr. Johnson Asiedu Nketia has entreated members of the party to adapt to the new changes and reforms  that  have been  introduced in  the party.

The Party recently scrapped  off  its electoral college system to allow every card bearing member to elect their various parliamentary  candidates as well as a flag bearer  during the party’s primaries.

While some some section of the party members have lauded the reforms, others are reportedly unhappy with the new changes.
However, speaking at the inauguration  the various regional working committees  of the NDC in the Volta region, Mr. Nketia popularly known as General Mosquito said the changes are in the best interest of the party.

“In the history of evolution, it is not the strongest or intelligent species that survive but the species that are most adaptable to change. So if you remain static, you are a candidate of extinction. We don’t want our party to be a candidate of extinction, so we must be moving with the times.

We are ridding the party about the impression of corruption during internal party elections. We are in NDC and our ways of doing things must be reflect our beliefs.

Let’s us put in place systems that will bring quality minds to run our affairs rather than selling the party to the highest bidders,” the NDC chief Scribe told the gathering of party functionaries and members at residency of the Volta regional minister in Ho on Sunday.

He further noted that “We are looking at a party that has full internal party democracy where anything that affects  all must be decided by all, that’s one of the core principles when we started our revolution. One man, one vote is nothing but the expression of power to the people. So what is wrong if we are now putting in place structures that will actually take the power to the people?”

General Mosquito also  pleaded with party  members who are disgruntled over reforms, saying “the change over has been painful to some people but useful to others. That’s the nature of change.

If you want to engage in any change, you will by all means offend some people but what  you need to always consider is, are the gains going to be more than losers.

If the answer is yes, move forward. So we want to appeal to those who feel peeved by the introduction of this change that it is in the interest of the party that we are doing what we are doing.”

Source:Lamert Ativor  V/R

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