Accommodation Challenges Hits Soldiers At 66 Artillery Regiment

Soldiers at the 66 artillery regiment are said to be facing serious accommodation challenges at the Volta barracks in Ho.
Apart from inadequate apartments to accommodate the  gunners  within the barracks, the existing facilities have fast deteriorated over the years.
The roofings of  the buildings have deteriorated beyond repairs, as rain water often leak through them to soak the belongings of the soldiers and their families, according  the commanding officer of the regiment,  Lt. Col. Selorm Amengor.
Lt. Col. Amengor,  who was briefing the Defense Minister Dr. Benjamin Kumbour and his entourage during   a working visit to the garrison, early this week said “a lot of the roofs of  the soldiers’ accommodations have seriously deteriorated and leaks whenever it rains. The situation is so bad that, families join the  rain and the roofs as you can see have been patched so many times that, right  now an entire re-roofing  is needed.”
Revealing other worsening conditions in the barracks, the commanding officer said  “a  special  attention for this garrison is that three families now use one water close set, and  this is not hygienic.. We suggested that  self contained toilets and baths are constructed for the junior rank accommodation. But an initial plan  for the conversion have so far saw only  2 out of 30 blocks which is suggested can be done.”
Lt. Col. Amengor further stated that, “we also have a two 4 story uncompleted accommodation which when completed will be able to accommodate sixteen families. This project has been at a stand still since 2012. The release of funds for them to be completed will ease the serious accommodation problems facing the regiment.”
Dr. Kumbour, who was appalled by situation across all the various garrisons in the country , said his ministry will begin some  remedial measures  to  improve the situation.
“The conditions cut across all the garrisons I have been to so far and this should not be the conditions under which our soldiers should be living.”
“In fact the commander in chief have directed me to carry out this physical inspections and we should take immediate remedial measures.

We’re thinking that between now and April next year,You should begin to see some physical changes across all the garrisons in the country.”

Source: Lambert Ativor V/R

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