Mahama- Promises 3500 Megawatts Of Power To Tackle” Dumsor”

Ghana’s President John Dramani has said 3,500 megawatts of power will be generated from supplemented gas, solar energy and biogas to alleviate dumsor which has crippled a lot of local industries and virtually brought small scale enterprises and the economy down to its knees.

The President made the declaration when he was addressing the 70th session of the United Nation’s General Assembly in New York on Wednesday. He said, “Small and medium enterprises which can least afford the high cost of purchasing and operating generators to substitute their power supply, are being severely affected.

We are pursuing a program to put in emergency generation to balance the demand and supply. Looking forward we plan to put an additional 3,500 megawatts of power into our transmission and grid utilizing the significant gas reverse we have discovered in offshore concessions. ”

President Mahama attributed the country’s energy crisis to two decades of consistent positive growth that has resulted in the demand for power outstripping supply.

The President also called on world leaders to help solve some of the problems the world faces today. He pointed to the war in Syria, the trouble posed by ISIS in the middle east, Boko Harram, Al-Queda and xenophobia.

He continued, “Despite all the changes that have occurred in the world in the cause of the last 70 years, our singular truth still remains the same. But peace as so many great have remaindered us, is not just the absence of war, but also the presence of dignity in one’s life: it is the achievement of equality in one’s endeavours and it is the respect of one dignity and human rights.”

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