‘Dumsor’ Has Slowed Growth In Ghana – Mahama Tells UNGA

President John Mahama has admitted that the erratic power supply that has bedeviled the country over the last couple of years has affected growth and development in several aspects of the economy. Ghana has been grappling with severe power crisis for some time now.

Recently the Electricity Company of Ghana was shedding between 650 megawatts and 350 megawatts of power during peak and off peak times respectively.

Speaking at the 70th UN General Assembly in New York Wednesday, the President of the West African country said measures are being put in place to add 3500 megawatts of power to the national grid. “One of the major binding constraints that all of Africa faces is a shortage of power.

And Ghana is no exception. In many African nations power outages as a result of a shortfall in generation are even considered normal.

“In Ghana, two decades of consistent positive growth has resulted in demand for power outstripping supply. The resulting load shedding program has, unfortunately, slowed growth and is taking a steep toll on economic and social life.

Small and medium enterprises, which can least afford the high cost of purchasing and operating generators to substitute their power supply, are being severely affected. “We are pursuing a program to put in emergency generation to balance demand and supply.

Looking forward, we plan to put an addition 3500 MW of power into our transmission grid utilizing the significant gas reserves we have discovered in offshore concessions”. President Mahama added this will be supplemented by renewable power mainly from solar, biomass and wind sources.

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