Nana Addo Says NPP’s Call For New Voters’ Register Not For Electoral Gain

Nana Addo: "We are doing so because we want to strengthen and deepen Ghana’s democratic credentials."
Nana Addo: “We are doing so because we want to strengthen and deepen Ghana’s democratic credentials.”

Leader of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has defended his party’s call for a new voters’ register.

Nana Addo says the NPP’s call for a credible register is to “strengthen” and “deepen” democracy in Ghana through the polls.

“We are calling for a new voters’ register not because we think it will present the NPP with any electoral advantage,” he stated.

“We are doing so because we want to strengthen and deepen Ghana’s democratic credentials. We want a democracy where Ghanaians, not foreigners, can rightfully and confidently determine who their leaders should be, and also where the major stakeholders have no qualms, whatsoever, about the outcome of elections.”

Nana Addo made these remarks on Thursday, August 27 when the newly elected NPP parliamentary candidate for the Tema West constituency, Carlos Kingsley Ahenkorah, called on him at his Nima residence to formally introduce himself to the flagbearer after his victory in the July 25 parliamentary primary.

Addressing Mr Ahenkorah’s entourage, consisting of polling station and constituency executives from Tema West, Nana Addo stated that “we want a credible electoral system in Ghana, and not just a new voters’ register. That is what we are fighting for, because it is the best guarantee for our future stability and progress.”

He continued: “Happily, it is not only the NPP that is talking about the need for a credible electoral system and a new, credible voters’ register. I can assure you that we are not going to relent in our advocacy till Ghana gets a credible electoral system, which has as its base a new and credible voters’ register.”

He recounted how, since 1992, the NPP has been the only party that has been the lead instigator of electoral reforms in Ghana.

The introduction of transparent ballot boxes, photo voters’ ID card, and a biometric voters’ register in 2012, he said, have all been at the behest of the NPP. The NDC, on the contrary, have always been opposed to any form of electoral reforms.

“I remember when the NPP proposed a photo voters’ ID card to replace the thumbprint ID card, the then Attorney General, my good friend and senior, Dr. Obed Asamoah, opposed it. When the NPP proposed a biometric registration, the EC, at the time, described the proposal as unheard off. Because of our advocacy and the benefits of these reforms to the stability of Ghana, these were widely accepted by all at the end of the day.”

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