Ghanaian Doctors Respond To Minister’s threats & Intimidation Over Strike

DoctorsThe Ghana Medical Association (GMA) has asked its members to stay resolute in the face of “threats and intimidations” from government.

“The GMA will like to assure all its members that these threats and intimidations should not in any way water down our resolve in seeking for a proper documented and negotiated Conditions of Service,” a statement issued on Wednesday, August 19 said.

The Minister of Health, Dr Alex Segbefia, on Tuesday, August 18 called on the striking doctors to return to work, announcing that those who don’t will forfeit their August salaries as their action is illegal.

Dr Segbefia also called on heads of public health facilities to reopen those facilities for full operations from Wednesday.

But in its statement signed by President Kwabena Opoku-Adusei and General Secretary Frank Serebour, GMA advised members not to allow the Minister of Health to “use them as bargaining chips in this fight”.

Dr Segbefia also announced that Cuban doctors will be fallen back on to hold the fort as government hopes to resume negotiations with the striking doctors.

“The GMA has no qualms with the Ministry of Health bringing in Cuban doctors into the country to provide healthcare for Ghanaians.

“However, it is important to note that these Cubans are not engaged for free.

“The irony of the matter is that they are indeed better paid than their Ghanaian counterparts and are engaged under proper conditions of service, which include fully furnished accommodation, free utilities, fuel, free healthcare and an air ticket to travel once a year back home to visit their families.”

The GMA is calling on its members fight for even the next generation.

“In unity we stand and no intimidation and threat can break us.”

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