Ghanaian Doctors Extend Strike By Two Weeks

Doctors have been on strike since Thursday, July 29.
Doctors have been on strike since Thursday, July 29.

Members of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) have voted to remain on strike but stay the execution of its final roadmap that would have seen their resignation from public service.

At an extraordinary general assembly meeting on Friday, August 14, the doctors were divided over the activation of the final phase.

While one group called for the resumption of duties in order to continue negotiations with government on their conditions of service, others called for extension of their industrial action without activating the final phase.

This was put to a vote.While 213 voted for the extension of the industrial action, 148 voted for the resumption of duty.

2-week strike extension

According to TV3’s Daniel Opoku, the assembly will meet after two weeks to review the final phase of the roadmap.

Therefore, the status quo, until an agreement is reached at the negotiation table, will remain for the next two weeks.

The doctors are accusing government of not providing them with codified conditions of service for the past years. They had warned of resigning en masse but began that process last month by withdrawing out-patient services.

A week later they withdrew in-patient and emergency services.

A statement issued after the meeting by the Association said, however, that members will offer in-patient care.

Government has condemned the doctors’ action with the Minister of Employment and Labour Relations and the President calling it illegal.

A warning has been sounded to them over forfeiture of their remunerations if they remained on strike.

But the doctors have found government’s position a sign of bad faith, hence their decision.

“We have reached this decision based on the fact that government has not shown enough good faith regarding negotiations for conditions of service for doctors in the public sector.”

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