8TH PAC LOC Meets Ghana’s Rastafari Community

By Isaac Dadzie

Kwesi Pratt, PAC LOC Chair
Kwesi Pratt, PAC LOC Chair. Photo Courtesy: Oppong Brobbey

The Local Organising Committee (LOC) of the 8th Pan African Congress last Tuesday had a meeting with leaders of the Rastafari Community in Ghana. The meeting which took place at the LOC Secretariat in Accra discussed how to ensure maximum participation for the pending Congress, what can be done to shape the outcome of the resolution – for instance a Rastafari perspective to Pan Africanism and most importantly what can be done after the Congress to ensure development in the Pan Africanist movement.

Honored by the invitation, leaders of the Rastafari Council expressed their satisfaction with the choice of Ghana as event hosts. They proposed that the Pan African Congress be Africanized reflect in every aspect of the confab. For instance a traditional African dress code, food and music should be utilized during the Congress, they suggested. They also requested the need for an international Rastafari speaker as the main speaker for one of the sessions of the Congress, given a Rastafari perspective to some of the topical issues.

Chairman of the LOC, Mr. Kwesi Pratt recognized the contributions and hard work of the Rastafari Council. He acknowledged them as partners in the implementation of the Congress. He also reiterated the idea of efforts being carried to properly reflect African culture and values during the Congress. He made calls for greater participation of the Rastafari community in the Congress.

Present at the meeting were leaders of the Rastafari Council, the LOC Chair – Mr. Kwesi Pratt, the LOC Coordinating Secretary – Mr. Kwesi Adu and other members of the LOC. The 8th Pan African Congress is to be held on the 27th and 28th of October this year in Accra. It is expected to involve over 500 delegates including Heads of State, diplomats, academia,  trade union representatives, women, youth, policy experts, and pro-pan African organisations.


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