The Castro Brouhaha

As I sit here at dusk pondering over the disappearance of our beloved brother Castro, I am struck by the appearance online of a report that is purported to have originated from the Volta regional Police command. However upon checks with the Tema Police who are supervising the investigation of the Castro matter, it appears to be a fluke.
The question that comes to mind immediately is how come fellow Ghanaians are displaying such gross insensibility regarding the Castro issue.
This weekend, his wife Dorothy Tagoe is reported to be touching down from her Canadian base. While the whole country is sitting on tenterhooks awaiting the latest word on the matter and hoping for some good news, it is important to suggest that whatever the outcome of this search for Castro results in, there are a few key lessons that should be borne by all and sundry.
These include the fact that our artistes are national figures and what happens to them is of great importance to us as a people.
That Castro and Janet Bandu have families with sensibilities so people should be decorous in discussing issues pertaining to Castro.
Finally that life is transient so we should appreciate it while we cherish the good moments we have…
Undafayah the Destroyer, still waiting pon you star!!!

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